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Intuitive, powerful trading with Continental Markets



Award-winning, sophisticated technology combined with a simple interface and fast, accurate execution.

Intuitive design

Simplified design allows you to focus on your trading

Simple filters make searches fast, easy and accurate

One-click trading from the charts

Sophisticated charts & tools

State-of-the-art indicators and charts

Pattern recognition

Bid, offer and mid-price support for any timescale on any instrument

Trade on the go

Access TradeHub® wherever you are, on your PC, tablet or mobile

Download the TradeHub® app for iOS

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To maximise your performance, low costs are essential

No account charges or inactivity fees apply

We are committed to transparency in all our costs

Funding charges

We charge for overnight funding, normally at the rate of 2.5% p.a. plus relevant interbank rate

Long positions attract financing charges, but for short positions, financial interest may be credited to your account 

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We pass on 100% of dividends for UK shares, and 85% for US shares

Depending on the direction of your position, you will either be eligible to receive the payment or you will need to pay.

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Rollover costs

Where futures are the reference market we only charge half of the bid offer for rollovers from one contract into the next. Therefore, the new position is only 50% of our standard spread for that market