Our Mission

Continental Markets is an international financial services group providing, both execution and social trading services under the regulatory umbrella of the UK FCA (London) and Bafin (Germany) respectively.

We serve global clients with a current focus in the Middle East. Our mission is simple and clear; we want to offer traders of all expertise an ultimate trading experience through an efficient, transparent and unique service and social trading platform.

With the foundations of BUX Financial Services Limited's nine years’ experience in social trading technology we are proud to finally announce Continental Markets powered by BUX Financial Services Limited, CM-PA!

CM-PA offers a unique platform to both experienced traders to acquire followers as well as empower inexperienced traders to follow and automatically copy the trades that top traders execute.

Trading has swiftly moved on from the days of picking up the phone and using a stockbroker. Social trading is the modern and revolutionary way to invest in the financial markets!